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Game fence designed and installed to ensure the animals’ security.

Game and Deer Fence

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If you plan on maintaining a population of deer, elk, or other exotic wildlife on your property, a sturdy and reliable high game fence designed and installed to ensure the animals’ security is critical.

Tejas Ranch & Game Fence offers a unique expertise in both providing the highest quality deer fence materials and installation that will ensure the integrity of the barrier’s service life.

Each game fence we install is a “custom” project based on your specific needs and requirements. With capabilities including predator deterrence, an exclusive water gap fence solution, and land services, Tejas Ranch & Game Fence is qualified to ensure your property enhancement goals are achieved.

All of our wildlife fence materials are galvanized to provide the longest possible service life, and are manufactured to resist animal damage and harsh weather conditions.

We are confident you will not find a more affordable or reliable game fencing solution anywhere!



We understand that the fence we install for you will say more about our reputation than anything else. And it’s for this reason Tejas Ranch & Game Fence only provides the very best and strongest material in the business.


We take pride in not only offering the highest available grade of high game fence materials, but also in the experience and expertise of our fence installation.


When constructing a fence on rural property, ensuring water flow while maintaining an effective barrier is often an essential element. With the exclusive FloatMaster™ water gap system you are assured of the best solution available.


A custom gate entry adds a signature feature to your property. The team at Tejas Ranch & Game Fence has successfully designed and installed custom gates entrances for many years, each distinctive to the needs and concepts of the land owner.


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