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Professional cattle fence contractor and installers

cattle FENCE

Your property deserves professional and experienced contractors. Let Tejas provide a competitive estimate for your project with our latest technology and expertise.
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Cattle Fence ContractorWe take pride in not only offering the highest available grade of cattle fence materials but also in the experience and expertise of our cattle fence installation.

With Tejas as a professional cattle fence contractor, you are assured of a finished project that enhances your ranch property through the wide-ranging capabilities of our management and team of highly-skilled cattle fence installers operating top caliber equipment.

Properties that have or plan to install cattle fences typically have an investment to protect. Selecting the cattle fence contractor to design and install your fencing is equally as important.

Tejas Best In Class - 20 Years Workmanship Warranty


  1. 20-year warranty
  2. The highest standard for cattle fence materials
  3. Decades of successfully designing and installing cattle fences
  4. Advance engineered cattle fence support structures, gates, and water gaps
  5. Process and results-driven projects
  6. Top caliber equipment and machinery to build it right the first time

It’s time you stop putting off that project. Request an estimate from Tejas to get started.

"I didn’t understand before I started this project, but there is a difference in fence companies and installers and Tejas separates itself from all the rest."
Kevin Matocha
Owner, Matocha Cattle Company
"Tejas proved over and over why they are the BEST! We had about 14 Miles of fence replaced on this project between cross fence and perimeter. No matter what problems it threw at them, they had it figured out fast. From installing culverts, water gaps, or removing trees…"
Chris Parker
Ranch Manager, Bradford, TX

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