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Revolutionary water gap flow design

Water Gap Fence Solutions

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What to do about water gaps, gate gaps, and ground gaps? A superior fence with gaps is really no fence at all.

water gap fence

When constructing a fence on a rural property, ensuring water flow while maintaining an effective barrier is often an essential element.

With the exclusive FloatMaster™ water gap fence system, an innovation by one of our founding employees over 20 years ago, you are assured of the most dependable solution available.

Because of the revolutionary design, high-quality materials, and expert installation of this system, the FloatMaster water gap fence system resists clogging and forms a reliable seal when closed. Tejas Ranch & Game Fence backs this system with a 20-year workmanship warranty!

A fence with poor water gaps is really no fence at all.


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Water Gap Fence Information

Running streams, seasonal creeks, sharp elevation changes, and low-lying areas along fence lines can be challenging. To secure water gaps — a particularly bedeviling issue –Tejas Ranch & Game Fence invented the FloatMaster™ water gap system. With its revolutionary design, the FloatMaster™ floats during high water events, allowing runoff and debris to pass below the fence line. During dry weather, the FloatMaster™ lies flat on the ground to form a reliable barrier.

Water Gap Gates

Standard ranch gates built for cattle pastures often have gaps between the gates and fence posts and between gates and round tubing. Latches on standard cattle gates are notorious for giving way in high winds or under pressure from animals. If a cow breaks a latch and ambles into another pasture, it’s generally not a big deal. But if a trophy deer or exotic finds its way through an unreliable gate, that animal is likely gone for good.

Water Gap Group Gaps

Ground gaps are an often-overlooked problem, but the base of the fence can be as important as the height when it comes to security. For these common ground gaps, we use a heavy-weight welded wildlife mesh to close the gaps. Another possible security measure, predator wire installed along the base of a fence not only keeps out hogs and other digging animals but also helps keep deer from creating weak spots at the base through which they can escape. Moderate-weight galvanized steel panels attached to the base of the fence can greatly reduce ground gaps and prevent predators and hogs from digging under a high game fence.

Why Choose Tejas For Water Gap Fences?

Our highly skilled team of fencing innovators, designers, and construction professionals is dedicated to excellence in every job. We work closely with our clients to determine the best design and construction for their unique needs. We use the highest quality fencing materials. Our installation teams are meticulous and accomplished experts in every way. By focusing on careful consultation and design, top-quality materials, and uncompromising installation, we strive to exceed our clients’ high expectations every time.

Additional Fencing Solutions

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