Ranch Land Services & Construction

Enhance your property to improve its usefulness and value

Land Services & Construction

For many landowners, property enhancement means more than installing a high-game fence; it means land clearing and trails building.

Tejas Ranch & Game Fence has both the experience and expertise to help you enhance your property to improve its usefulness and value. We will consult with you on your property use plans and requirements.  You can be assured we are prepared for the job on time, on target, and on budget.

Tejas Ranch & Game Fence has the forestry and tree mulching machinery, along with experience and knowledge to clear your land to open up grazing land and vistas. The selective tree clearing and underbrush clearing processes we use are environmentally sound for both the soil and wildlife.

Trails for walking, riding, or 4-wheeling around your Texas ranch property provides access and improve land value. Trust our experience constructing and grading ranch trails within even densely forested areas.

Full Spectrum of Ranch Land Services

  • Environmental Land and Right of Way Clearing

    Removing undesired underbrush and trees.

  • Underbrush Clearing

    Underbrush clearing processes for both the soil and wildlife.

  • Ranch Trails Building

    Constructing and grading ranch roads and trails.

  • Custom Ranch Entries

    Design and install custom ranch gates and property entrances.

  • Water Gap Construction

    Ensuring water flow while maintaining an effective barrier.

  • Horse and Cattle Fencing

    Designed to provide greater security and a long service life.

  • Corral Construction

    Expertise to help you enhance your property.

  • Food Plot Clearing and Establishment

    Transform land to perfect food plot locations.

  • Deer Breeding & Handling Facilities

    Knowledge and services for proper deer handling/breeding.


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