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Professional land clearing with the right equipment adds value to your property

Land Clearing Contractor

Your property deserves professional and experienced contractors. Let Tejas provide a competitive estimate for your project with our latest technology and expertise.
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Land Clearing Contractor
Removing undesired underbrush and trees has a substantial impact on the value, functionality and visual appeal of ranch property. Tejas Ranch & Game Fence has the forestry and tree mulching machinery, along with experience and knowledge to clear your land to open up grazing land and vistas. The selective tree clearing and underbrush clearing processes we use are environmentally sound for both the soil and wildlife. The benefits to our approach to land clearing include:
  • Promoting native grass growth including forbs that are beneficial for deer
  • Management of invasive plants
  • Clearing property views and vistas
  • Land free of stumps and piles
  • Improved grazing capacity
  • Easier establishment of food plots
  • Reduction of fire hazard potential
  • Creation of trails
  • Increases property value

Enhance the value of your investment. Request an estimate to get started with a top land clearing contractor.

Selective tree clearing before and after

Underbrush clearing before and after