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Cattle fences for the committed ranchers and property owners

Cattle Fence

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cattle fence

Barbed wire has been the standard of cattle fences for years, now, there is a new cattle fence solution for ranchers and property owners: High tensile fixed knot steel mesh fencing, designed to provide greater security and long service life. This means lower overall long-term expenses in terms of replacement costs and maintenance.

Another benefit of high tensile mesh over the barbed wire is that feral hogs cannot make it through or destroy this style of fence, preserving your fields for hay and grazing without the constant damage that hogs inflict.

With a wide range of height and mesh pattern options, Tejas Ranch & Game Fence can install the livestock fence that best suits your needs. It is assured of providing you with a cattle fence with many years of service life.

We offer additional features, such as predator control barriers and water gap installation, allowing you to customize your cattle fence to suit virtually any requirement.

For the ultimate steel mesh protection in severe environments such as coastal areas, we offer a zinc-aluminum coating that is highly resistant to corrosion.. This Class 40 Zinc-Aluminum coating provides the highest degree of protection for high-tensile steel mesh.

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The Class 3 galvanized coating on our fence materials is proven to last three times longer than Class 1.


The fixed knot design of our fence mesh provides greater strength and performance than hinge-joint mesh.


The varying mesh spacings, with smaller “holes” toward the bottom of the fence, helps ensure greater security from unwanted animals while maintaining an affordable fence solution.

Tejas Fixed Knot Diagram

The steel mesh is designed to withstand stresses without losing shape or strength. The crimps in the horizontal wires absorb pressure – both during installation and from animals.

Cattle Fence Information

High-tensile fixed-knot cattle fences installed by Tejas Ranch & Game Fence are excellent for livestock control and outperform traditional barbed wire and hinged-knot fences in every application with superior durability, flexibility, and safety. Even more important, high-tensile fixed-knot fences last longer than other types of fencing, which translates into a superior livestock management tool that saves landowners time and money spent on maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Performance Stats

  • Fixed-knot superior strength is less likely to slip or give under pressure.
  • Fences are built with heavy-duty Class 3 galvanized wire.
  • All have a 20-year warranty.
  • These fences are stronger than typical “bull” wire or field/hinge fencing.
  • They last three times longer than field fencing.
  • Vertical stays give fence more rigidity.
  • Posts can be spaced as far as 25 feet apart.
  • The fencing stays tight with less than 1% elongation over its service life.
  • Deep crimping creates memory for optimal flexibility to absorb impact, severe weather, and climate change.
  • The fencing does not sag or squash down as other fence materials will.
  • It’s virtually maintenance free.
  • The fencing can be predator deterrent or predator proof, depending on setup.

Cattle Safety

Cattle are unable to put their heads through the wire mesh pattern or step through a gap in the fence and become entangled. This type of fencing is especially advantageous for cow-calf operations because of its inherent safety. In addition, the material causes less hide damage to animals who rub against it.

Cattle Fence Costs

Building or replacing a fence comes down to value versus cost. High-tensile fences provide significant value, as detailed above. Long-term, these superior fences cost no more to install and maintain than barbed wire. The 25-foot spacing requires fewer end posts, which reduces installation costs. Longer-lasting cattle fence materials reduce maintenance and replacement costs over time. These fences also typically last more than three times as long as a traditional barbed wire or hinge-joint fence.

Selecting Cattle Fence Specs For Your Application

Tejas Ranch & Game Fence team members can choose from a wide variety of height and mesh patterns to install the cattle fence that best suits your needs for years to come.

Our recommended cattle fence material has 9 horizontal wires and stands 49 inches tall. Vertical spacing is available in 12-inch, 6-inch, and 3-inch lengths. For boundary and pasture fences with low pressure or ones that run over long distances, we offer the 12-inch vertical spacing. This spacing is more cost-effective for long-run fence lines. For internal or corral use, we recommend 6-inch vertical spacing for greater strength. In higher pressure areas, 3-inch spacing provides maximum strength and animal control.

Additional Options

We also offer predator control barriers and water gap installation, which enable team members to customize fences to suit virtually any terrain or need.

For the ultimate steel mesh, we can provide a profile with a zinc-aluminum coating that is highly resistant to flaking, cracking, splitting, and separating. This Class 40 Zinc-Aluminum coating provides the highest degree of protection available for high-tensile steel mesh.

Why Choose Tejas For Fencing?

Our highly skilled team of fencing innovators, designers, and construction professionals is dedicated to excellence in every job. We work closely with our clients to determine the best design and construction for their unique needs. We use the highest quality fencing materials. Our installation teams are meticulous and accomplished experts in every way. By focusing on careful consultation and design, top-quality materials, and uncompromising installation, we strive to exceed our clients’ high expectations every time. For frequently asked questions about cattle fences, visit our FAQ page.

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