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Fort Knox Predator Proof Fence The Fort Knox predator-proof fence impresses veterans of exotic breeders and farmers. In this video, Josh Lagas of Ace Outfitters does a walk-through of a calving pasture on one of our ranches with “the most…
The Complete Guide: High Game Fence Tejas Ranch & Fence owner John Payne provides a complete guide to buying a high-game fence on your property! We discuss the benefits, values, patterns, materials, knot types, predator-proofing, and much more! Watch to…
Fallow deer exotics, known for their impressive antlers and distinctive white spots, have become a popular exotic species in many regions. This article will explore fallow deer’s traits, characteristics, behavior, and distribution, shedding light on their captivating nature. Understanding Fallow…
The aoudad sheep exotic, also known as the barbary sheep, is a fascinating and unique species native to North Africa. With its semicircular horns and distinctive soft hair “beard,” this remarkable animal has captured the attention of wildlife enthusiasts around…
Nilgai antelope, also known as the “blue bull,” is a large antelope species native to India, Nepal, and Pakistan. With their striking appearance and fascinating adaptability, nilgai antelope have become a featured wildlife species in various habitats, attracting attention from…
What are Exotic Axis Deer? Originating from India, Exotic Axis Deer were introduced to various parts of the world, including Texas and Hawaii, for hunting and conservation purposes. These deer are known for their striking appearance, with beautiful spotted coats…
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