HIgh Game Fence Cost Project Feature

How Much Does High Game Fence Cost?

"How much does a high game fence cost?" is often asked and rarely answered accurately. Because there are many things to consider when pricing a high fence project, landowners need to be aware of the variables that affect the high fence cost…
Best Fence for Horses

The Best Fence for Horses

Effectively maintain your horses with the best fence for equine. Hobbyists, showmen, rodeo competitors, farmers, and ranchers have one thing in common — they love their horses. Whether you own one or two or too many to count, quality horse…
Solar Farm Fencing

The Solar Farm Fencing Guide

Solar farm fencing that’s long-lasting, cost-effective, and performance-driven In a world where fencing might seem dull and unchanging — as compared to the advancements of mobile devices, autonomous cars, and even smart homes — the…
Stay Tuff Fencing Project by Tejas Ranch and Game Fence

Stay-Tuff Fencing Solutions for Landowners

Looking to add high-quality fence to your property? Stay-Tuff Fencing products get the job done, and done well (the first time). Land is one of the most sought-after investments of the 21st century. It is one of the few tangible assets humans…
cattle fencing

The Best Fence for Cattle

Effectively Maintain Your Herd with the Best Fence for Cattle Whether you own a few cows or thousands, quality fencing is essential for efficient cattle production and for protecting the investment of your forage and herd. There are certain…
The Best Wild Hog Fence

The Best Wild Hog Fence

How to Effectively Protect Your Land with the Best Wild Hog Fence The problem: Significant property damage caused by wild hogs The solution: Control access with high-tensile fixed-knot steel mesh fencing In this article, we answer a question…
Blackbuck - Low-Fence Exotics

Low-Fence Exotics Fit for Texas Ranches

The lure of low-fence exotics Have you ever dreamed of sitting on your porch and watching exotic animals from around the world roam your ranch? Blackbuck, bison, sheep, and a variety of other mammals that require little care are actually…