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Dallas, TX – Tejas Ranch & Game Fence announced today that they will be exhibiting at the annual Dallas Safari Club Convention & Expo on January 5-8, 2023, at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. This is the largest hunting…
Top Stores in Athens, Texas for Landowners Some of the best agricultural and country living businesses and stores in Henderson County, Texas Athens, Texas is in Henderson County, and it’s an agricultural town if there ever was one. Here, you’ll…
 Tejas founder, John Payne, is the featured guest on the Big Billy Kinder Outdoors radio show. Listen in as Billy and John discuss high fences, low fences, galvanization, black fences, and other hot topics in fencing. Billy Kinder Outdoors is…
We are excited that the DSC Convention is back in-person this year! Before the Covid-19 disruption, Tejas was planning its 5th consecutive year of exhibiting at this action packed event. After the virtual convention last year, we are more thrilled…
TCU Ranch Management Program: Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders in Cattle and Crop Production How aspiring ranch managers can learn to modernize their agriculture operations As many a cowboy has put it, ranching isn’t just about cattle and grass. It’s about much…
Noble Research Institute: Creating Solutions for Modern-Day Agricultural Challenges Helping Farmers, Ranchers and Landowners Optimize Their Agricultural Operations for 75 Years and Counting Millions of Americans invest in farming and ranching as a way of life. This path is filled…
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