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Stay-Tuff Fencing Solutions for Landowners

Stay Tuff Fencing

Looking to add high-quality fence to your property? Stay-Tuff Fencing products get the job done, and done well (the first time).

Stay Tuff Fencing Feature PhotoLand is one of the most sought-after investments of the 21st century. It is one of the few tangible assets humans can be certain won’t increase in supply. So, it begs the question, why wouldn’t landowners protect something with so much value?

The short answer: smart ones do. Quality fencing is crucial for keeping wanted critters in, and unwanted ones out. Enter Stay-Tuff fencing.Stay-Tuff fencing

Located in New Braunfels, Texas, it’s close to the heart of the Lone Star State. But more important than that is it’s close to the heart of fencing heritage itself. Known for its high-speed fixed-knot fence looms, this company is on the cutting edge for fencing technology. Its staff (Meet the Team) is a group of leaders, too, and harbors vast knowledge of fence construction, maintenance, and more.

fixed knot With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, rest assured the products coming off the line are well-built and ready-made for the farm. It offers five different fencing options, but high-tensile fixed-knot fencing is the flagship product, and it’s a mainstay. This option is very strong, extremely durable, and installs with ease.

Corrosion is a major concern from some fence types. Fortunately, this fencing option stands up to time much better. It implements a heavy-duty, class 3 galvanized wire woven in a strategic pattern, which lasts up to three times longer than class 1.

With the advanced fixed-knot design, it offers increased strength, too, especially over hinge-joint mesh. Its tensile strength is 50,000 psi, which is 45% stronger than standard steel. This helps prevent both livestock and wildlife from beating it down over time.

Stretching is less of a worry, too. Forget unnecessary degradation and sagging. A deep crimp in the horizontal wire helps to keep fencing tight, even after livestock press up against it. This means less maintenance and repair, freeing up your resources and time for bigger and better things.Tejas Fixed Knot Diagram

Fixed-knot fencing also has the ability to deter unwanted animals, such as hogs, which are very common throughout the state and region. This non-native, invasive species destroys farmland, pasture ground and wildlife habitat. High-tensile fixed-knot keeps them out.

You can also get it in an assortment of fixed-knot fence patterns and heights. The correct selection depends entirely on your goals, plans and livestock species of choice. Matching the fence to the job is a big part of the equation, and we’re here to help.

Tejas Ranch & Game Fence Sign These things and more are all important reasons to have us install Stay-Tuff’s high-tensile, fixed-knot fencing on your farm or ranch. Stay-Tuff delivers a premium product, and stands behind it too (20 Year Warranty). Have your Tejas Ranch & Game Fence install it. It’ll still be standing long after other fence market options would have fallen. But, such is life on the ranch with quality material.

As the saying goes, stay strong, stay tight, and stay tough with Stay-Tuff Fencing.

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