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Tejas Ranch & Game Fence is the premier high game fence contractor, able to provide you with the highest quality high-tensile steel mesh high-game fence installed by professionals with years of experience. Our team is prepared with proven solutions, whether your property is in East Texas, the Texas Hill Country, Oklahoma, or Northern Louisiana.

Whether your goal is to keep animals within your property or perpetrators and predators out, our product solutions and expertise set the standard for value and engineering in high-game fencing.

With a wide range of height and mesh pattern options, Tejas Ranch & Game Fence can install the high-game fence that best suits your needs.

Additional features like Predator Control and water gaps allow you to customize the high-game fence for your environment.

For the ultimate steel mesh protection in severe environments such as coastal areas, we offer a zinc-aluminum coating that is highly resistant to corrosion.. This Class 40 Zinc-Aluminum coating provides the highest protection for high-tensile steel mesh.

And, we can create, construct and install custom gate entries for your high game fence, from strong steel mesh gates to nearly anything your imagination holds. Our team has extensive gate design and installation experience throughout the region!

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Tejas Best In Class 20 Years Workmanship Warranty

High Game Fencing Material


The Class 3 galvanized coating on our fence materials is proven to last three times longer than Class 1.


Provides greater strength and performance than hinge-joint mesh.


Helps ensure greater security from unwanted animals while maintaining an affordable fence solution. The height and width of the wire spacing provide for different applications. Ensuring that animals can’t get so much as a foot through the fence can be critical for wildlife and livestock safety.


Important for stretching the fence during installation to hold tension throughout its life. The crimps also provide some flex in the fence if an animal or other may run into it.

Tejas Fixed Knot Diagram

The steel mesh is designed to withstand stresses without losing shape or strength. The crimps in the horizontal wires absorb pressure – both during installation and from animals.

What is the best high game fencing material?

EBOOK : Best High Game Fence

​Quality game fences are built to withstand the test of time and the forces of nature, namely the weather and the animals themselves. Big game can exert hundreds of pounds of force against the fence, and repeated blows can destroy barbed wire and standard field fencing. Even small, weakened places give entry to predators.

We recommend high tensile wire mesh for our high game fencing. High tensile wire mesh with interlocking fixed knots has the highest strength rating and is the most durable ranch fencing material. The toughness and durability of high tensile woven wire are far superior to barbed wire or low tensile woven wire.

High-tensile fixed-knot wire mesh fencing comes in different styles, weights, and patterns. The standard for Tejas high game fences for deer is the 2096-6 with standard spacing. Another option referred to as “fawn wire” is the 2096-3, which offers tighter spacing. In rare circumstances, a 10’ fence is used with a 6” spacing, similar to the 8’ wire net fencing.

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In the world of Texas deer ranching, no infrastructure is more important than the high game fence. And it can’t be just any high fence. Proper installation, high-quality durable materials, water gap solutions, and ground barriers are essential.

The high fence enables breeders and trophy hunting operations to control and protect their herds, improve range and nutrition management, and eliminate predators. Keeping out other native deer can be just as important as containing the cultivated herd for breeding purposes. Deer bred and managed within high game fences have the optimum conditions — and the necessary time — to grow to impressive sizes with magnificent and highly desirable antlers. High fences also facilitate selective harvesting for herd optimization.

In addition to securing the herd, high game fencing can also improve a property’s overall safety and security. High game fences can virtually eliminate trespassing, a significant deterrent to poachers, whether by unauthorized hunters or other unwanted guests.

How high is a high game fence?

Height, of course, is relative, but in the world of high game fences, the typical height is eight feet. Deer bound easily over five-foot field fencing, and even lumbering elk can jump low fences with nary a hitch. For some terrain, 10 feet provides the extra protection needed to keep a trophy herd in and most predators out.
Most antelope, sheep, bison, and other exotics can be safely contained within five-foot game fences. Know more about low-fence exotics.

What to do about water gaps, gate gaps, and ground gaps?

A game fence with gaps is really no fence at all. Running streams, seasonal creeks, sharp elevation changes, and low-lying areas along fence lines can be challenging to secure. To secure water gaps — a particularly bedeviling issue — Tejas Ranch & Game Fence invented the FloatMaster™ water gap system. With its revolutionary design, the FloatMaster™ floats during high water events, allowing runoff and debris to pass below the fence line. During dry weather, the FloatMaster™ lies flat on the ground to form a reliable barrier.

Standard ranch gates built for cattle pastures often have gaps between the gates and fence posts and between gates and round tubing. Latches on standard cattle gates are notorious for giving away in high winds or under pressure from animals. If a cow breaks a latch and ambles into another pasture, it’s generally not a big deal. But if trophy deer or exotics find a way through an unreliable gate, that animal is likely gone for good.

Ground gaps are an often-overlooked problem, but the base of the fence can be as important as the height when it comes to security. For these common ground gaps, we use a heavy-weight welded wildlife mesh to close the gaps. Another possible security measure, predator wire installed along the base of a fence, not only keeps out hogs and other digging animals but also helps keep deer from creating weak spots at the base through which they can escape. Moderate weight galvanized steel panels attached to the base of the fence can significantly reduce ground gaps and prevent predators and hogs from digging under a game fence.

Why choose Tejas for High Game Fencing?

Our highly skilled team of fencing innovators, designers, and construction professionals is dedicated to excellence in every job. We work closely with our clients to determine the best design and construction for their unique needs. We use the highest quality game fencing materials. Our installation teams are meticulous and accomplished experts in every way. By focusing on careful consultation and design, top-quality materials, and uncompromising installation, we strive to exceed our clients’ high expectations every time.

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