East Texas Fall Events

East Texas Fall Events

East Texas is a wonderful place to spend time away from the “Big City.” This fall you can really enjoy your time in and around Athens and the surrounding communities with these wonderful East Texas Fall events. Tejas Ranch & Game Fence…
Blackbuck - Low-Fence Exotics
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Low-Fence Exotics Fit for Texas Ranches

The lure of low-fence exotics Have you ever dreamed of sitting on your porch and watching exotic animals from around the world roam your ranch? Blackbuck, bison, sheep, and a variety of other mammals that require little care are actually…
Kip Winters

Meet Kip Winters, The Newest Tejas Team Member

A hazy mist still hangs over the pasture on this East Texas morning, and the tall grass is wet with dew. The quiet beauty of this moment takes the breath away. But there is work to be done. The Tejas team is already busy building miles of fence.…
Athens Spring Summer Events

Events Near Athens Texas this Summer

This spring and summer you can enjoy many fantastic events near Athens Texas. You can experience exquisite cuisine and classical music, enjoy family time with a Fun Run and a fireworks show. You can even have a good ole’ Texas time fishing…
Added Value to Land

5 Simple Changes that Add Value to Ranch Land

As landowners, we love to enjoy our land and see it grow in beauty. As business owners, we love to see our land grow in value as well. Here are 5 simple changes that can bring immense added value to your land. Fencing & Gates Exotics and…
Hunter Management

Hunter Management for East Texas Landowners

With the hunting season wrapped up here in Texas, we though landowners may want to re-work some of their leases and get some fresh ideas on hunter management.  We asked Stephen Schwartz with Hortenstine Ranch Company who is a QDMA Level II…
Dallas Safari Club

Visit Tejas at Dallas Safari Club Convention 2019

  2019 Dallas Safari Club Convention & Sporting Expo. Tejas Ranch & Game Fence is looking forward to exhibiting at the annual 2019 Dallas Safari Club Convention & Sporting Expo. Visit our booth #166 near the main entrance…
Managing Deer Herd

Managing the Deer Herd on Your Athens Ranch

Guest Contributor: Stephen Schwartz, Hortenstine Ranch Company, QDMA Level 2 Deer Steward Managing the deer herd on your ranch can be a daunting task if approached incorrectly. It is certainly one of those topics, like habitat management,…
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Whitetail Management on Your Property

Guest Contributor: Stephen Schwartz, Hortenstine Ranch Company, QDMA Level 2 Deer Steward We all want to attract and hold game on our property, but that’s often easier said than done. Whitetail management can be an overwhelming project…
Tejas Opens New Retail Yard

Tejas Opens New Retail Yard in Athens, Texas!

There’s been a buzz happening in Athens and it’s about Tejas opening its new retail yard to offer deer blinds & feeders, fire pits, and their ranch fence expertise! The ranch fence brand you know and love has now opened its doors,…