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Common questions about SOLAR FARM fences and expert answers


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High-tensile fixed-knot fencing material is the best performing and high value available on the market today. It offers class 3 galvanization which lasts three times longer than class 1 galvanization, the fixed-knot design provides greater strength and performance than hinge-joint mesh, and deep crimps in the horizontal wires allow for stretching during installation to hold tension and offers flex if any animal or other may run into it.

More details about solar farm fence material can be found via this link.

Height is an important aspect of selecting the proper fence material, too. “[What’s] typical is a 6-feet, high-tensile fence — 1775-6 with barb arms on top and three strands of barbed wire,” John Payne, President of Tejas Ranch & Game Fence. “They want to keep humans, hogs and other animals out. The high-tensile is good for the hogs and the barbed wire atop is for two-legged critters.”

Spacing is a very important part of choosing the right fence, too. The space between wires should be small enough that it prevents unwanted animals from breaching the fence. That said, it needs to be large enough that smaller animals — such as mice, rabbits, and squirrels — can get out, if they choose. Of course, the 1775-6 is 6 feet tall and set on 6-inch-wide fence mesh pattern spacings (or sections) within the fence. At the bottom, these are 3 inches tall, and gradually increase to 4, 5, 6 and then 7 inches at the top of the fence.

More details can be read in our solar farm fencing guide.

High tensile mesh fence requires minimal maintenance, which can be beneficial for solar farms that are located in remote areas or have limited staff resources. It’s also resistant to rust and corrosion, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

Commonly found in ranch fencing, the it is a knot created with a steel wire used to hold a vertical stay wire to a horizontal wire (line wire). This knot technology offers superior rigidity and vertical posture to create one of the strongest ranch fence materials on the market. It is considered the premium option, and tests have proven it has the highest vertical strength, moving and loosening less under pressure.

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