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The strongest high fencing material for Solar Farms

Solar farm FENCE

Your property deserves professional and experienced contractors. Let Tejas provide a competitive estimate for your project with our latest technology and expertise.
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We understand that the solar farm fence material we install for you will say more about our reputation than anything else. And it’s for this reason Tejas Ranch & Game Fence only provides the very best and strongest solar farm fencing material in the business.


The Class 3 galvanized coating on our fence materials is proven to last three times longer than Class 1.


Provides greater strength and performance than hinge-joint mesh.


Helps ensure greater security from unwanted animals while maintaining an affordable fence solution. The height and width of the wire spacing provide for different applications. Ensuring that animals can’t get so much as stick afoot through the fence can be critical to the safety of your assets.


Important for stretching the fence during installation to hold tension throughout its life. The crimps also provide some flex in the fence if an animal or other may run into it.

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Tejas Fixed Knot Diagram

fixed knot The fixed-knot design combined with high-tensile wire makes this the strongest woven wire fence available, and highly resistant to animal damage.

The use of Class 3 Galvanized high-tensile wire and solid vertical stays mean little to no maintenance, so you can spend less time worrying about your solar farm fence, regardless of your goal.

The steel mesh is designed to withstand stresses without losing shape or strength. The crimps in the horizontal wires absorb pressure – both during installation and from animals.

fence post The framework of our fences is among the highest-strength steel available for fencing. With a tensile strength of 50,000 psi, it is more than 45% stronger than standard steel.

The proper corrosion-resistant coating can add 25-30% to the life of the fence, which is why we offer galvanized material.

fence barrier As an available option to protect your assets from unwanted animals, we offer a woven wire mesh ideal for creating a barrier that deters even the most persistent animals.

Strong and galvanized to last for many years, this mesh is a proven predator solution. Typically installed on the outside of the fence, this barrier is installed along the bottom of the fence and at ground level to deter underdigging, allowing you to rest easier with a higher degree of safety.

Selecting a professional solar farm fence contractor is an important first step to improving the value of your property. Let Tejas be your guide to selecting the right solar farm fence material and building a reliable solar farm fence to manage your investment.

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