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Aoudad Sheep Exotics: Featured Wildlife

Aoudad Sheep Exotics

The aoudad sheep exotic, also known as the barbary sheep, is a fascinating and unique species native to North Africa. With its semicircular horns and distinctive soft hair “beard,” this remarkable animal has captured the attention of wildlife enthusiasts around the world.

Understanding Aoudad Sheep Exotics

Origin of Aoudad Sheep

The aoudad sheep, scientifically known as Ammotragus lervia, is a species of caprine and is technically neither a sheep nor a goat, but it is closely related to both. Native to the rocky mountains of North Africa, aoudad sheep roamed the region’s rugged terrain and desert climate, where they have survived for centuries.

In the 20th century, Aoudad sheep were introduced to the southwestern region of the United States, specifically Texas, as legal game animals. Private ranchers and owners played a crucial role in the initial introduction of aoudad populations, aiming to diversify the wildlife found on their properties. The state park system, backed by wildlife officials, also played a pivotal role in the establishment of healthy aoudad populations. Today, aoudad sheep can be found in various parts of the Southwest United States, where they have adapted to the arid desert environment.

Physical Characteristics of Aoudad Sheep

One of the distinguishing features of the aoudad sheep is its semicircular horns, which curve backward and can measure up to 33 inches (83 cm) in length. These horns are significantly more prominent in males than in females, with the males often sporting impressive sets of horns that are twice the size of their female counterparts. The aoudad sheep’s horns, muscular build, and keen eyesight make it a formidable climber and a tenacious survivor in its natural habitat.

In addition to its impressive horns, the aoudad sheep boasts a distinguishable “fringe” of soft hair that hangs from their throat and extends down their chest. This hair serves as insulation, protecting the animal from extreme temperatures and providing camouflage against the rocky terrain. The aoudad sheep’s coat and hair can range in color from reddish-brown to pale gray, helping it blend in seamlessly with its surroundings.

Height 2.5 – 3.7 ft
Weight 66 – 319 lb
Color Sandy-brown color, getting darker with age
Lifespan 20 Years
Country of Origin Northern Africa
Habitat Dry, rough, waterless
Diet Grasses, flowers, leaves, shrubs
Fence Requirement 10 ft minimum height
Suggested Fence Pattern 1775-3, 1775-6, 2096-3, 2096-3, 2096-12
Fence Material High-Tensile Fixed-Knot Fencing
Fence Information High Game Fence for Deer

Life Span and Health of Aoudad Sheep

Aoudad sheep are known for their ability to survive in arid and harsh environments where resources may be scarce. They have adapted to withstand long periods without access to water, a trait developed from their native range in North Africa. However, the soft hair coat of the aoudad sheep makes it susceptible to harsh weather conditions, particularly in the southwestern United States, where they have been introduced.

The natural habitat of the aoudad sheep provides a variety of vegetation, ensuring that these animals receive the necessary nutrients for their survival. Despite being introduced to new regions, aoudad populations have managed to establish themselves and thrive, albeit as nonnative hoofed animals. However, the introduction of aoudad sheep has brought ecological challenges, particularly for the native bighorn sheep, as the two species compete for territory and resources. This paradox highlights the complexities of conservation efforts and the delicate balance of preserving native wildlife populations while managing the introduction of non-native species.

Aoudad Sheep Exotics BabyBreeding of Aoudad Sheep

Aoudad sheep are known for their strong family bonds and the formation of small family groups. They typically mate in the fall, and the gestation period lasts approximately five months. During the mating season, male aoudad sheep engage in fierce competition for the attention of the females, often engaging in head-butting contests to establish dominance. They become more territorial, and males may bellow to attract the attention of potential mates. The mating rituals of aoudad sheep involve vocalizations, head-bobbing, and chasing behaviors, showcasing the intriguing dynamics of their social interactions. Dominant males typically mate with multiple females within their herd.

Conservation Status of Aoudad Sheep

Currently, aoudad sheep exotics are classified as a species of “Least Concern” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List, indicating a stable population and a low risk of extinction. This classification reflects aoudad sheep’s adaptability to various ecological conditions, allowing them to thrive in different habitats and climates.

While aoudad sheep populations are currently stable, conservation efforts remain vital to ensure the long-term sustainability of this species. Habitat loss and habitat fragmentation pose potential threats to aoudad populations, particularly as human populations expand and encroach on their natural range. Ongoing monitoring and conservation measures, such as preserving native habitats and managing the interactions between aoudad sheep and native wildlife, are essential to safeguard the long-term survival of this unique species.


Aoudad sheep exotics are fascinating creatures that have captured the attention of wildlife enthusiasts around the world. With their unique physical characteristics and adaptability to various habitats, they have become a featured species in the realm of exotic wildlife. Despite their history of being introduced to new environments, they have managed to thrive and establish sustainable populations.

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