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Matocha Cattle Company Letter of Recommendation

Matocha Ranch

Matocha Cattle Company

Letter of Recommendation from the Matocha Cattle Company, Kevin J. Matocha

July 7, 2017

Mr. John Payne
Tejas Ranch & Game Fence
401 S. Palestine
Suite 188
Athens, TX 75751

Re: Matocha Cattle Company Fence Install

Dear John:

In early 2017, after years of fighting fence issues at our ranch, I decided to hire a fence company to install new fence across the ranch. The job would entail over six miles of new fence but most importantly the task of working with poor soil conditions which have plagued Milam County for as long as we can remember. Our soils swell and contract and play havoc on corners which are the foundations for our fence. I not only needed a competent fence contractor, but one who would understand our soil conditions and have the capability to design a fence that would last at least forty years without giving into the harsh conditions.

I contacted Stay-Tuff and relayed my criteria and immediately they recommended Tejas Ranch & Game Fence. Within ten minutes of my call we were on the phone determining a plan of action. Your technology enabled your company to understand our soil conditions and by the end of the day you were with your team designing a fence that would handle the environment, but also be cost effective.

In short order a plan was approved and a price determined. Within days your extremely competent crew arrived and started work. I can’t say enough about your hard-working crew. Each member knew every facet of the install. From welding to driving posts, they were all professionals. They finished the job ahead of schedule and I couldn’t be more proud of the finished products.

To install a completely new fence on a ranch of this magnitude is a huge undertaking and can be frightening. Let me say the cost of the fence was clearly off-set by the increased value of the ranch. In other words, it was probably the best investment I have made in years. A Tejas fence stands apart from other fence installers. The quality of workmanship, down to the smallest component are installed to last other fence installers. The quality of workmanship, down to the smallest component are installed to last using only the highest level of products. I can’t say enough about what this fence has done to our ranch.

I sincerely thank you and your entire team for making this process an easy one. I didn’t understand before I started, but there is a difference in fence companies and installers and your company separates itself from all the rest.

Kevin Matocha



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