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Noble Research Institute

Noble Research Institute

Noble Research Institute: Creating Solutions for Modern-Day Agricultural Challenges

Helping Farmers, Ranchers and Landowners Optimize Their Agricultural Operations for 75 Years and Counting

Millions of Americans invest in farming and ranching as a way of life. This path is filled with time-honored traditions and rich heritage. But just because we tip our hat to the past, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t turn around, hold that hat down, lean into the wind, and develop innovative ways for the future. The Noble Research Institute pays tribute to bygone eras of agriculture, but looks ahead to those yet to come.

Noble Research InstituteLocated in southern Oklahoma, Noble is the largest nonprofit agricultural research organization in the United States, and it focuses on improving agricultural experiences for farmers and ranchers worldwide. It is here to help preserve our wonderful landscapes and ensure their productive longevity, all while boosting producer profitability and providing valuable education to farmers, ranchers and other land stewards.

Their mission is to help those who are invested in agriculture, and they’re carrying on Lloyd Noble’s legacy in the process. It was his goal to aid those with an appreciation and passion for food production, and they’re still a leader in that space today. Their activities hinge on three interconnected fields, including education, producer relations, and research.

Producer relations is integral to their operations, and so they offer no-cost consultations to farmers, ranchers, and other land stewards. This helps them focus their research on things that matter most.

Research they conduct is centered around 21st century challenges, and their discoveries develop regional-, national- and international-based solutions that apply to everyday operations. They help sharpen the cutting edge of research, down to the genetical and molecular levels. Their areas of research include agronomy, cell biology and plant development, genomics, plant breeding, plant-microbe interactions, plant nutrition, plant physiology, plant transformation and genome editing, and translational.

Education is the faucet for knowledge, and they share their expertise daily. They host agricultural seminars, workshops, tours, internships, and other interactive learning opportunities. Areas of focus include cattle, economics, forages, and natural resources. Producers can also visit their 14,000 acres of research facility farms to see how they overcome modern-day challenges.

Part of Noble’s educational efforts include publications, too, such as Legacy, Noble News & Views, Annual Reports, and digital content. Market data, such as cattle pricing, is also accessible. And don’t forget to call the Ag Helpline, and take advantage of their other services, such as testing and plant identification. They even offer free video courses, including one on developing a successful ranch management plan.

A mobile app, called Ag Tools, is available, too. It packages numerous calculators and utilities that are designed to help agricultural producers. Tools available include body condition score change, breeding season trackers, calving season trackers, frame scoring, lime application, pond fish stocking, supplemental conversion, value of gain, boom sprayer calibration, boomless sprayer calibration, orchard sprayer calibration, dry fertilization, and planter calibration. All of these are focused toward assisting in cattle and natural resource management, and even more are coming in the future.

Simply, on their worst days, they’re solving problems for landowners, farmers, and ranchers. And on their best, they’re anticipating and solving them before they manifest. They are a team of agricultural economists, beef producers, biochemists, community members, consultants, collaborators, crop specialists, forage agronomists, genomicists, greenhouse assistants, mycologists, plant breeders, soil specialists, teachers and wildlife biologists. With more than 350 staff members on hand, Noble is more than capable of handling your ag-related needs.

As a member of the community, Noble is committed to helping others. It fosters numerous activities, including Adapt-A-Spot, Ardmore Soup Kitchen, A2A Marathon, A2A Trash Pick Up, Botball Competitions, Cities in Schools Corporate Fitness Challenge, Food Resource Center of Southern Oklahoma, Girls on the Run, Gloria Ainsworth International Luncheon, Habitat for Humanity, Lake Murray Cleanup, Toys for Tots, Veterans Center Visits, and more. It also helps fundraise for 4-H and United Way.

So, do you have limited knowledge of the cattle industry, but would like to run livestock on your land? Already a seasoned cattleman, but desire to take operations to the next level? The Noble Research Institute understands agriculture, and that it faces great challenges. They are here to deliver actionable solutions, no matter the color of your dirt, or your cows. Visit their website to learn more


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