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Letter of Recommendation from Cape Environmental Management


Cape Environmental Management Inc (CAPE) specializes in high complexity projects in the areas of Petrochemical, Power & Utility, Industrial, Government and Aviation. With 14 offices worldwide, our extensive network relies on many subcontractors to achieve outstanding levels of Client Satisfaction based on Integrity, Safety and Quality.

CAPE contracted Tejas Ranch & Game Fence to supply and install Road Closure Gates and Fence, Trinity River Embankment Repair in Dallas, TX, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) project. The project was time-sensitive and required coordination, approval, and oversight of the U.S Army Corps of Engineers.

In a less than a week, Tejas submitted a proposal to redesign the fence and gates, received USACE approval, fabricated and galvanized custom parts and was on the project ready for installation. Our team was very much impressed with the efficiency, speed, and good communications with which Tejas operates. The onsite superintendent held Safety meetings in excess of contract requirements and conducted all aspects of the work in a safety conscious work environment in alignment with our values.

The time-sensitive project was completed ahead of schedule and inspections revealed no quality issues. In addition, Tejas added gate stops, a nice feature to enhance the functionality of gates, that were not part of the contract. Tejas also included a more robust gate and latch system and added galvanization to the entire project at no up-charge to the original contract value. Tejas helped us to uphold our values and Client Satisfaction. Our client, the USACE was duly impressed with the technical expertise and efficient execution of the project.

We would not hesitate to involve Tejas in future projects and give them our high recommendation.


Krishna R Nalavala, CHMM, PMP
Project Delivery Manager

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