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Water Gap Fencing Solution for Creeks, Ditches, Streams and more

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No longer worry about water and debris damaging fencing along waterways. Deploy the Tejas FloatMaster water gap fencing system instead.

Ranchers who haven’t heard of Tejas’ FloatMaster Water Gap Fencing System are missing out. Most farms, ranches and other fenced properties have varying topography, and some of it can be pretty difficult to fence, especially with sharp degrees of change over relatively short distances. This is especially common with waterways. Historically, this terrain feature posed a problem for landowners, and led to many different do-it-yourself, semi-effective water gap fencing solutions.

In retrospect, many farmers, ranchers and landowners have attempted to merely place fencing across water gaps, but you can’t successfully place fencing material across a channel. Debris can and will get caught up in it, and might even push over your fence, no matter how strong or well-built it is.

Other half-hearted solutions, such as hanging rocks, tires or other barriers will weigh down your fence. Plus, these do little to prevent passage during low water levels and dry conditions. Some might not be pleased with the aesthetics, either.

Because of that, you must have a way to release the debris that are attempting to push through. Commercial products have attempted to solve this problem, and while some have curtailed challenges, we now have an effective solution to this continuing issue. The FloatMaster Water Gap System solves challenges in a big way. It was developed by a Tejas team member, and is exclusively available from Tejas.

This fencing practice and product is ideal for creeks, ditches, drainages, draws, ravines, streams, and other low-lying areas. It has a cable system that forms a hinge-joint, which connects the FloatMaster to the fence system above it. Then, when the water comes through, it rises and falls with the water level. When water levels and debris subside, it settles back down, effectively preventing livestock from passing under the fence.

YouTube video

While other water gap options aren’t flexible enough to accommodate rising tides and oncoming debris, this one certainly is, and it diminishes clogging. It performs proficiently under receding water levels, normal water levels, and even dry conditions. When it isn’t engaged, the FloatMaster resumes its resting position, creating a nice barrier and seal on the ground floor.

For those who are still hesitant, don’t be among the crowd that overlooks ground gaps. These prevent livestock or wildlife from escaping enclosures. It also helps prevent unwanted wildlife, such as predators, from entering the property. Protecting your investments is critical. Don’t overlook it.

Today, thousands of these are already deployed, and are working quite well for those who have installed them. These are made to withstand the elements, and will certainly last. Because of that, Tejas backs this product with a 10-year limited warranty, effectively standing behind its offering.

See the Water Gap Fencing System in action in this video.

YouTube video

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