Blackbuck - Low-Fence Exotics
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Low-Fence Exotics Fit for Texas Ranches

The lure of low-fence exotics Have you ever dreamed of sitting on your porch and watching exotic animals from around the world roam your ranch? Blackbuck, bison, sheep, and a variety of other mammals that require little care are actually…
Tejas Opens New Retail Yard

Tejas Opens New Retail Yard in Athens, Texas!

There’s been a buzz happening in Athens and it’s about Tejas opening its new retail yard to offer deer blinds & feeders, fire pits, and their ranch fence expertise! The ranch fence brand you know and love has now opened its doors,…
Nature hunting blind

Announcing New Farm and Ranch Products from Tejas

Tejas Ranch & Game Fence brings only the best to our landowners and rancher managers. The standards we set for quality are seen through our new farm and ranch products including deer blinds & feeders, electric fencing, and livestock…